Glimpse of the decorations of our home

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I can not believe it has been exactly one month since our family closed on our new place. Since then, we have painted our house and moved everything from my brother's house to our new home. They generously let us stay with them while we were looking for a house. I am very proud of us for having done a lot to the house within one month of living there. I am very exciting that we have more space in this new home, that gives me more room to expand my creativity. I was on Pinterest (here is my home board) or on Houzz everyday looking for bright ideas and inspiration. For me personally it a great feeling to have a clean slate to work from and a blank canvas to let my imagination go free.

Here is a glimpse of the decorations.

The paint colors for Den is SW 7016 Mindful Gray and family room is SW 7663 Monorail Silver
Chairs from Target
Pillows Ikea

Beautiful orchids my girlfriend sent me on closing day.
The den aka my office on the right side when you first walk into our house. Right it is Kaylee's new favorite spot to hang out.

Love having fresh flowers and plants at home




Did you know: The picture of Kaylee and the dogs have over 700 pins on pinterest! Crazy!





My husband let me go freely on decorating, all he cares about is things being functional and comfort. The only spurge was this Gus Modern Jane Bi-Sectional. I'm obsessed with it! With 3 dogs and a baby, this was my favorite purchase in the whole house!


Kaylee absolutely love our new home. I did a fun photoshoot of her yesterday and can't wait to share more photos of her on the blog. She is growing way too fast that it's making me sad. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you like the tour of our home. 


Well Hello There! Take a glimpse of our new home

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I can not believe it has been months since the last time I blogged. Life has been crazy busy and to be honest, I just couldn't fine the time with my old job. I enjoy blogging but it's definitely time consuming. We just bought a new house so I can not wait to blog about the decorating process and of course, on little miss K too!

Few updates:
1. Hubby got a job in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (my hometown) back in  Fall 2013 so we decided it was time to leave Virginia.
2. I left my job as Web Graphic Designer for Dollar Tree Corporation without a job lined up.
3. Hubby took K with him in September so I can stay back to get our home rented and prepare for the move. It was longest 3 months without them!  Thank goodness for FaceTime!
4. Landed a job 3 weeks before the move. #nolongerjobless #happydance #idkwhyimhashtagging
5. Bought a new house and we are over the moon about it!
6. Kaylee turned 3! already?!

Here are the photos of our current home. The furnitures are not ours, photos from the seller.


Can't wait to show more photos of what it look like at the moment. We definitely miss our Virginia Beach home but excited for our future in midwest! Stay tuned!


Colorblock Stripe eShakti Retro Dress

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I am in love with my new dress from eShakti. I had it customized to a V neck instead low rounded square neck as shown here. (This dress is currently on sale plus you get $25 for registering on their site!!!) You have an option to change the sleeves, length of your dress and also the necklines. I had it customized so that the length it's just a little above the knee.  Customizing is free the first time you order from eShakti, and from your next order, you will be charged just $7.50 for both custom sizing and custom styling. 
Dress: eShakti 
Purse: Kate Spade
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Necklace: Anthropologie
Sunglasses: Banana Republic

The colors are simply perfect for Fall and as always, I am so impressed with the quality of the dress. I think my favorite thing about this dress are the pockets!

Thanks for visiting, I know I have been quiet from blogging world but I hope to start blogging more. Have a blessed day!


My Little Baby

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Kaylee just turned 28 months over weekend, meaning it's time to start thinking about potty training! eek! (when do people stop saying months and go straight to 2  years and 4 months :) I have a feeling that this little sweet baby is not going to be so sweet when it comes to potty training.  She hasn't shown any signs that she is ready but  this momma is really hoping she will show it soon... no more diapers please!

I have been really busy with work and photo shoots lately but excited to share some of my work on the blog. This July 4th,  Kaylee and I will be taking a trip back home to South Dakota and Minneapolis to visit friends and family so more photos of family to come. Have a great week and thanks so much for visiting!

Congrats to J. ma Cao on winning the ipad app!


An Update on Little K and Pandora App Giveaway

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28 Months: Kaylee and coco just chilling.

Kaylee new favorite game! Pan: The Fearless Beribolt

My little baby is no longer little anymore! She's growing up way too fast and we love that she is talking a lot now. She's constantly learning new things each day and a curious little girl. She's can come across as very shy and quiet but once you get to know her,  she is definitely not shy.

Recently she has been playing with Pandora "Pan" Beribolt App and she just love Pan, the fearless little purple panda. She made a connection with Pan right away. Beautiful graphics and creative interactive games with cute story telling. It didn't take Kaylee very long to figure out how to navigate through app and she is learning new words and phrases at the same time. The game is available on ipad and ipad mini only. I definitely recommend this game to anyone with little kids.

If you like to win an app for your little one, please leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner next Friday. You won't be disappointed, it will keep your little one busy and also learning new things at the same time! Good luck!


Lookbook: Orange Chevron

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Blouse: American Eagle Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters pants: HM

Loving my bright, orange blouse from American Eagle at the moment. Everything is 40% off in store and online right now. I am tempted to go back to the store to get the black chevron blouse that they have also.  I don't normally shop at AE but I just couldn't resist orange chevron.

Life has been busy these days. I wish I have more time to photograph and share more on the blog. Since Kaylee is older and active, I am cherishing every minute with her when I get off from work. Less time on computer and more time laughing and dancing to NickJr.  Her giggles and laughter can cure a long stressful day at work.

Thank you friends for sticking around and reading my little ol' blog :) have a great weekend!


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