Living Room Reveal: Before and After

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So excited to reveal our living room today! Our living room is about 80% completed. Still need to figure out what to put on left and right side of fireplace...bookcase perhaps? I am an indecisive person, I switch out the decor every other day! (Hubby loves it! ha!)

Here is the before: day of the walk through
living room reveal before picture
living room reveal before picture
living room reveal before picture
living room reveal
simplyvonne living room before picture
simplyvonne living room before picture

So thankful for my husband for making our house more homier. Always putting up with my crazy ideas. 


Here is the after photo! What a difference a new coat of paint can do to a room.

living room reveal

living room reveal

love pillow

living room reveal

fireplace decor

Our old coffee table was too low....
living room reveal

We have extra Ikea Lack tables so we are temporary using it as a coffee table until we get new one.
ikea lack table

Scored Nate Berkus decorative pillows at Target for just little over $7! I love a good deal!
nate berkus pillows

Still need something around this area, not sure yet..possible some frames.
living room

console table



decor on white table

living room reveal
And there you have it, the reveal of our living room! Thank you so much for stopping by.  Still many more rooms to reveal, stay tuned! Have a wonderful week!


Beautiful Day To Be Out

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Hope you had a great Easter weekend! Here's some photos of Kaylee that I shot last week.







Love this last photo of K. She is so good with putting her toys away after she's done playing. She know that mommy does not like it when the room is filled with toys and things being unorganized.

The weather is simply beautiful and we can't get enough of the Vitamin D. Have a great rest of the week!


Glimpse of the decorations of our home

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I can not believe it has been exactly one month since our family closed on our new place. Since then, we have painted our house and moved everything from my brother's house to our new home. They generously let us stay with them while we were looking for a house. I am very proud of us for having done a lot to the house within one month of living there. I am very exciting that we have more space in this new home, that gives me more room to expand my creativity. I was on Pinterest (here is my home board) or on Houzz everyday looking for bright ideas and inspiration. For me personally it a great feeling to have a clean slate to work from and a blank canvas to let my imagination go free.

Here is a glimpse of the decorations.

The paint colors for Den is SW 7016 Mindful Gray and family room is SW 7663 Monorail Silver
Chairs from Target
Pillows Ikea

Beautiful orchids my girlfriend sent me on closing day.
The den aka my office on the right side when you first walk into our house. Right it is Kaylee's new favorite spot to hang out.

Love having fresh flowers and plants at home




Did you know: The picture of Kaylee and the dogs have over 700 pins on pinterest! Crazy!





My husband let me go freely on decorating, all he cares about is things being functional and comfort. The only spurge was this Gus Modern Jane Bi-Sectional. I'm obsessed with it! With 3 dogs and a baby, this was my favorite purchase in the whole house!


Kaylee absolutely love our new home. I did a fun photoshoot of her yesterday and can't wait to share more photos of her on the blog. She is growing way too fast that it's making me sad. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you like the tour of our home. 


Well Hello There! Take a glimpse of our new home

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I can not believe it has been months since the last time I blogged. Life has been crazy busy and to be honest, I just couldn't fine the time with my old job. I enjoy blogging but it's definitely time consuming. We just bought a new house so I can not wait to blog about the decorating process and of course, on little miss K too!

Few updates:
1. Hubby got a job in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (my hometown) back in  Fall 2013 so we decided it was time to leave Virginia.
2. I left my job as Web Graphic Designer for Dollar Tree Corporation without a job lined up.
3. Hubby took K with him in September so I can stay back to get our home rented and prepare for the move. It was longest 3 months without them!  Thank goodness for FaceTime!
4. Landed a job 3 weeks before the move. #nolongerjobless #happydance #idkwhyimhashtagging
5. Bought a new house and we are over the moon about it!
6. Kaylee turned 3! already?!

Here are the photos of our current home. The furnitures are not ours, photos from the seller.


Can't wait to show more photos of what it look like at the moment. We definitely miss our Virginia Beach home but excited for our future in midwest! Stay tuned!


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